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Finding the Synergies

Beyond having a strong network of talent to draw upon. No one can dispute the value of collaboration when the combined outcome is greater than the combined input.  

As founder of the Perth Internet of Everything Community I have hosted events for many leading emerging technology vendors and their industry customers. These vary from open community eductional sessions, to excursions and closed-door tactical task-force assembly such as the City of Perth Smart City Data Hub below.


Specialists Volunteer For A Purpose

The City of Perth collaborated with the Internet of Everything Perth Community to ensure the community could influence the requirements for the Smart City Data Hub. A data exchange platform for sharing industry and community generated data for cross-industry use.

This included existing open data and streaming internet of things sensor data.

Effectiveness Through Diversity 

I led an expression of interest which attracted 89 volunteers with the vision and skills to partake in a workshop to solicit the community requirements for the Smart City Data Hub.

I customised a selection process using a diversity and skills criteria and formed a panel of 12 judges  to encouraged a broad range of ideas and requirements for valuable citizen outcomes.